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 9/11/2009 3:32 AM
 Modified By Asaf  on 9/20/2009 11:42:56 AM

My Photo Index version 1.24.3550 beta is available for download.

This is the final beta ready for testing.

The version can be found on CodePlex and includes the My Photo Index installer 3 new plug-ins and 3 updated plug-ins.

The complete source code for this version is available on CodePlex Change List 28545

Note for existing users : Please backup your index file before applying this update.

Due to changes in the Binary image cache, plese make a backup of your cache fiel as well.

  • The default location for the index file is: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\MyPhotoIndex\Data\MyPhotoIndex.mdb
  • If you are upgrading from versions prior to 1.19 it is recommended to uninstall the previous version before installing this one.

Major Fixes / Changes in this version:

Features/ Changes:

  • Proxy configuration.
  • tif & tiff file extension support.
  • Save last import location in file import Wizard.
  • Enable cancel/stop button in file import wizard.
    • Preloading of large images.
    • Windows vista & Windows 7 better installer support.
    • Remember last import path.
    • Recently used index files are shown in a list.
    • Display the index path in the title.
    • Right click move to folder implemented.
    • New Web interface for network viewing implemented (available through tools->Plug-ins menu):
      • UPnP port forwarding support.
      • Windows Firewall port opening support.
      • Password protection.
    • Magnifier plug-in improvements - sync with mouse clicks.
    • Sticky images selection mode.(in edit menu).
    • Manual image versioning.
    • Manual break image versioning .
    • Sorting by file name.
    • Select and assign multiple tags, with multiple select Tag tree.
    • Increased cache size to support up to 1,000,000 images.
    • Better Cache multitasking support.
    • Menu to change display of date/file name on thumbnails.(click on date).
    • supported.
    • Better file change notification implemented.
    • Lithuanian language translation (by Guoda Rugevičiūtė)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix stack overflow caused when loading RAW files with no embedded thumbnails.
    • Fix long exif software name stopping import.
    • Windows 7 tag tree endless flickering Fixed.
    • Fixed faulty plug-ins corrupting the settings file.
    • Fixed Encrypted images throwing too many exceptions.
    • Fixed Date conversion in file import.
    • Fixed duplicate extensions causing import to stop (special thanks to Guoda).
    • Fixed Cahce large numbers overflow
    • Fixed Cache re-index issues.
    • Reduce poling time intervals of WMI devices to put less pressure on wmiprvse.exe.

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ForumForumMy Photo Index ...My Photo Index ...Version updatesVersion updatesMy Photo Index 1.24.3550 final betaMy Photo Index 1.24.3550 final beta

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