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Main settings form

Ask before moving tags - Controls whether an alert will pop-up when a tag in about to change it's parent in the Tags tree structure. Ask before sorting tags - if set to true, an alert will pop-up when trying to sort the tags alphabetically,
Cache settings - Opens the image cache settings form. Check for updates on application startup - If set to true the application will try to connect to the My Photo Index update service on startup to check if a newer version is available, you can always check for newer version availability from the application's Help menu.
Default image editing software - The path of the application you wish to be used when clicking the edit item of the image context menu. Delete images after successful transfer - Relevant for image transfers from digital cameras and digital drives, You can change this setting directly when using the Camera import wizard.
Filter selected images - If set to true, when using the 'Sync image selection button' button of the selected images pane will filter the main display to the selected images additionally to selecting them. Show image sharing settings - If set to true will open up the image resize option form when using the image sharing option, this option affects all sharing plug-ins.
Slide show interval - Sets (in seconds) the time for the display of each image when using the full screen slide show (F11). Update image meta-data when changed - My Photo index scans the image files for changes, When a change is detected My Photo Index will update the index database with the changes, if this option is set to true then additionally to changing the index database My Photo Index will update the image file's EXIF data, This is useful when you are using a 3rd party editing software which does not update EXIF data by itself.

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