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Cache settings form

Cached images size - Controls the size of cached images in the cache database, the default setting is 320x240 which is recommended for most cases, If you you are running on an old system then you may want to use the smaller size, If your image collection consists on a lot of offline content then you should find the 640x480 setting more suitable for your needs. this setting does not change already cached images,

Total cache size - The total space that all cached images consume in Kilobytes.

Unused space - The amount of space that is allocated in the cache file without being used, Unused space is reserved when deleting images from the index, you can use the Shrink button to re-index your cache file and clear the unused space. The shrink operation takes a couple of minutes and is available only when the amount of unused space is over 5 Megabytes.

Cache file location - You can change the location of the image cache files, When using this option My Photo Index will change the path of the current cache file as well as for all other, if you have more then one cache file (Using more then one index db) then you will have to move them manually after setting the new path.  

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