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How to create a My Photo Index installer preloaded with your own image index

Before we begin: download the sample files and script here...

First let's go over the contents of the package:

config: contains the preloaded config file which by default opens the index from: C:\Statler Stitcher Patterns\Data\.

Index: contains the preloaded My Photo Index index file. This should be replaced by your own photo index file.(MyPhotoIndex.mdb)

MyPhotoIndex: Contains the latest installation of my photo index.

SourceImages: This folder contains the sample images (you should replace the contents of this folder with your own images.

MPI_PreInstalledImages.nsi : The sample NSIS installation script



1. Extract the content of the above zip file to an empty directory (something like 'C:\MyPhotoIndexPI' will do).

2. Download and install the NSIS installer form here...

3. Copy your image collection to 'C:\MyPhotoIndexPI\SourceImages'

4. Copy the My Photo Index index file, by default this file is located at C:\Documents and Settings\_USER_\Local Settings\Application Data\MyPhotoIndex\Data\MyPhotoIndex.mdb To 'C:\MyPhotoIndexPI\Index'

5. Open the NSIS compiler from your programs menu and compile the installer script (MPI_PreInstalledImages.nsi)

The output should be a file named 'MyPhotoCollection.exe' located aside the script file.

What will happen when the installer is ran?

The installer will try to install My Photo Index, Then it will try to copy the image files To the location defined by the script ('C:\Statler Stitcher Patterns\' by default), Then the installer will also put the pre-installed index file in C:\Statler Stitcher Patterns\Data\..

After the installation, when the user will open My Photo Index, the config file (that was put in the config directory) will direct the application to open the preloaded index instead of the original one.


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