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How to share your images using Yahoo's Flickr

In order to use Flickr's sharing services you will need an active Flickr account, If you don't then please register here (It's free).

First of all we need to configure the level of image sharing when using the Flickr plug-in, use the Tools-->Options-->Application Settings menu. Select the 'Flickr Plugin' option on the left and use the pop ups in order to select the desired sharing level (friend/ public/ family) or any combination of them. to learn more about the different sharing levels please visit your personal page on the Flickr website.

Flickr plugin settings


Now you are ready to share your images.

Select the images you wish to share, then right click on one of the selected images and select 'Share' from the context menu. a screen with multiple sharing options will open, this is the list of installed sharing enabled plug ins. please double click on the 'Flickr Plug-in' option

image sharing plugin list

In the next screen select the desired image size to be used, MyPhotoIndex can resize your image(s) for faster sharing.

Image sharing image size selection

Shortly after selecting the desired image size and pressing on the 'OK' image a browser window will open, please use the directions in this page which will instruct you to either approve MyPhotoIndex for using your Flickr account or if you have done that already just to login(this Will be done for the first time after starting MyPhotoIndex), then just close the browser window in order to continue.

Flickr authentication


Well, that is pretty much all you have to do, after closing the login window(with the 'OK' icon) the upload process will begin (you will see the progress bar on the button of the screen), and in a few seconds your images will be available on line on Flickr.

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