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Image versioning
When Editing an image it is possible that we would like to keep the history of the original unedited image, This is called image Versioning. My photo index is capable of handling unlimited number of image versions per image automatically.

Image Versioning, or: how to keep multiple versions of the same photo?
When using an image cataloging software like My Photo Index, a basic assumption is that each photo in the catalog can be assigned its own unique set of tags, comments or categories. When you edit an image, a fundamental rule of digital photography is to preserve the original and create a copy of it for editing.   read more...
How to create an image version set.
Image version sets are created automatically when using the edit option in the context(right click) menu of the image.   read more... | digg digg | technorati technorati | stumbleupon stumbleupon | facebook facebook | live live
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